NICE Earns Certification to Support Microsoft Skype for Business

NICE Earns Certification to Support Microsoft Skype for Business

NICE‘s recording platform has been granted certification to support Microsoft’s Skype for Business Server. With cross-channel recording ability, the NICE Trading Recording solution allows financial institutions to have the same secure, compliant means to capture calls in their back office that they use on their trading floors.

One key function of the solution is to ensure regulatory compliance through a service that can record on front-end channels, back-office channels, and mobile phones. This also provides for retention, retrieval, advanced search, and monitoring of all calls.

“NICE is deeply committed to providing our customers with a rich portfolio of solutions that contain the latest innovations and integrations to meet their regulatory compliance needs,” said Christopher Wooten, executive vice president of vertical Markets at NICE.

The new certification is an extension of the long-standing partnership between NICE and Microsoft, which owns Skype, and brining NICE further into the financial compliance market. The company saw this expansion as essential given that an increasing number of industry firms are using Microsoft’s Skype for Business.

“With the already extensive number of NICE Trading Recording deployments in trading floors throughout the world, Microsoft Skype for Business certification is an important and logical step to expand our opportunities for integration into the financial sector,” said Wooten.

Andrew Bybee, principal group product manager for Skype for Business at Microsoft, was happy to see the certification go through. “We are pleased to see NICE certify its Trading Recording solution for Skype for Business Server 2015 and extend the communication experience for organizations to achieve more,” said Bybee.



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