Trinidad & Tobago Key To Scotiabank’s International Network, Say Executives

Trinidad & Tobago Key To Scotiabank’s International Network, Say Executives

“For us, T&T plays a key role even beyond its borders, operating a processing hub to service numerous countries in our Caribbean footprint,” said Scotiabank executive Dieter Jentsch at an event celebrating Scotiabank’s 60+ years in Trinidad & Tobago. In the article, published in Trinidad & Tobago’s Guardian, Jentsch praised the Trinidad & Tobago International Financial Centre, the Trinidad & Tobago Free Zones Company, the Board of Inland Revenue, and the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago for partnering with Scotiabank to grow their shared services /outsourcing operations in the country.

In addition to using Trinidad & Tobago as a base for back-office operations, Scotiabank managing director Anya Schnoor told the Guardian that Trinidad & Tobago is a key retail market for Scotiabank. “We have consistently been at the forefront of opening up the banking system to persons and regions of the country previously underserved. We were the first bank in 1963 to offer consumer loans–Scotia Plan Plus as they were popularly called–to the wider public thereby allowing access to financing for a developing nation,”  she said.

The full article can be read here. 


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