Fujitsu & Scotiabank Demonstrating Success in Trinidad & Tobago

Fujitsu & Scotiabank Demonstrating Success in Trinidad & Tobago

According to an article in Nearshore Americas that the author did after speaking with Scotiabank director Anya Schnoor, Scotiabank has been very happy with their decision to locate a 68,000 square foot operations center in Chaguanas, Trinidad. From the modern processing center, Scotiabank handles accounting, loan approval, collections, and bank transfers for the Caribbean region.

The article goes on to mention Trinidad & Tobago’s talent pool, wealth of certified accounting graduates, and the 87 rack data center that Fujistu operates. Fujitsu’s Lyndon Sooknanan told the author that it placed its tier 3 data center in Trinidad to service the growing local demand created by the increased financial services, BPO, and educational activity.

The full article may be read here.


above photo credit: Loren Moss

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