Moody’s Investors Service Issues Periodic Review, Maintains Trinidad & Tobago’s Government at Ba1

Moody’s Investors Service reviews all of its ratings periodically in accordance with regulations; either annually or, in the case of governments and certain EU-based supranational organisations, semi-annually. Moody’s has the government of Trinidad & Tobago’s credit profile rated at Ba1, with no change. According to Moody’s:

The credit profile of Trinidad and Tobago (issuer rating Ba1) is supported by the country’s “Low” economic strength, reflecting high income levels that are offset by a slow pace of economic growth, limited prospects for further economic diversification away from energy, and a small economic size; Trinidad and Tobago’s “Low (+)” institutional strength is informed by its scores in the Worldwide Governance Indicators and also reflects significant data reporting constraints, which combine with institutional limitations, conspire to limit fiscal policy execution capacity; its “Moderate (-)” fiscal strength, reflecting a rising debt burden that is offset by low foreign-currency denominated debt, moderate debt affordability metrics, and large fiscal reserves; and its “Low (-)” susceptibility to event risk, driven by banking sector, government liquidity, and external vulnerability risks.

The full release can be seen by clicking here.

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