NICE Releases New Omnichannel Recording Platform Aimed at Improving Customer Service

Hoboken, New Jersey-based software and cloud services provider NICE recently introduced a new onmichannel recording platform aimed at improving customer service by enabling clients to interact with companies through many different methods. The NICE Engage Platform allows contact center systems to receive communications through social media channels, including Facebook Messenger and Twitter, as well as tradition means.

“This is a result of efforts to provide a simplified user experience, improve compliance capabilities, support more digital interactions, and deliver greater integration with third-party technologies and business applications,” said NICE in a statement.

In addition to an improved customer experience, the company says the platform can reduce users’ IT operations costs due to its scalability, ensure greater adherence to regulatory guidelines, and aid any firm looking to make a digital transformation by offering analytics methodologies. It also improves on the current offering in terms of better chat, instant message, and email recording.

“With the latest release of NICE Engage, we are strengthening our commitment to simplifying processes and experiences, empowering users, and facilitating digital interactions,” said Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group. “We are proud to deliver the leading, most inclusive omnichannel solution, which will play a pivotal role in helping organizations reinvent customer service.”



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