Report: Caribbean Countries Leveraging Advanced Technologies To Deliver Health Care and Education

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are a major tool for increasing the effectiveness of productive economic sectors in over 30 Caribbean markets. In addition to shortening processing times and handling citizens’ documentation requests by using an eGovernment platform, ICTs are being implemented to improve the standard of living of the citizens of the Caribbean, as explained in the white paper ICTs for Development in the Caribbean published recently by 5G Americas.

5G Americas Vice President for Latin America & The Caribbean José Otero

5G Americas Vice President for Latin America & The Caribbean José Otero

“Government authorities in Caribbean markets should promote the use and adoption of fixed and mobile broadband services, thus providing more opportunities for the population to contact medical experts located in other regions, use eLearning resources to supplement the information available in classrooms and enhance a service industry for potential customers outside of the Caribbean Basin”, stated Jose Otero, Director of 5G Americas – Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Implementations such as “Medical History” in Barbados or the application to assist blind persons available in Trinidad & Tobago aim at raising the quality of medical care. Other examples include the use of ICTs to boost education in Cuba, and tele-work or remote working in the British Virgin Islands”, concluded Otero.

The White Paper highlights that it is imperative to maintain strategies to enhance connectivity in the market, such as by making radio spectrum available, relaxing the bureaucratic requirements for telecommunication network deployments and relieving the tax burden on network components and access terminals.

Above graphic: per capita mobile service penetration

The White Paper: ICTs for Development in the Caribbean published by 5G Americas is available for download here.

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