TSTT Launches 4G LTE Mobile Network in Trinidad and Tobago

TSTT Launches 4G LTE Mobile Network in Trinidad and Tobago

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) launched its 4G LTE mobile network last week in an unveiling that featured the company’s top executives celebrating their historic moment.

The world-class speeds, being offered through its bmobile brand, bring a new level of service to the country that TSTT believes will be transformative for the company and its customers.

Photo: TSTT’s bmobile website is heralding the launch of its 4G LTE network, which will offer “at least 85% population coverage over the next few months.”

“We stand here today proud to be able to announce to the nation that the launch of the very first 4G LTE mobile network to Trinidad and Tobago brought to you by none other than bmobile,” said Camille Campbell, marketing vice president of TSTT, according to Newsday. “This is one of the many initiatives in our plans which will allow us to deliver excellent service to our valued customers. It’s all about a new lifestyle.”

Company officials gave a first-hand demonstration of the increased speeds offered on the network during the event. Live streaming of HD videos on Netflix and YouTube was displayed at an average download speed of 67MB per second.

Currently, said CEO Dr. Ronald Walcott, the 4G LTE capacity has coverage in Trinidad in Port of Spain and San Fernando. But that will be growing quickly within the early months of 2017.

“Our intention is to roll out this network nationally, at least 85% population coverage over the next few months, assuming of course that we can get the spectrum that’s required,” Dr. Walcott said at the event, reports Newsday. “It is our expectation that we will be able to continue to roll out the 700MHz spectrum. This includes the ability to have the type of geographic coverage that we want. We would want to ensure that we can provide this solution through the length and breadth of TT so everyone could be a part of this modern and exciting era.”

Trinidad and Tobago is widely credited for being above and beyond the rest of the Caribbean region in terms of connectivity. It has been rapidly adding capacity and coverage in recent years to expand services for both typical and business customers. TSTT has been working towards the completion of its 4G LTE network throughout the year to further elevate its service levels.

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