Unisys Launches Micro-Segmentation Security on Microsoft Azure

Unisys Corporation (NYSE:UIS) today announced the availability of Unisys Stealth(cloud) for Microsoft Azure as a platform option for their Stealth micro-segmentation security for enterprise clients.

Expanding upon Microsoft’s security built into Azure, Stealth layers on additional security countermeasures, unifies security management for enterprises using the cloud, and creates a highly efficient link to transfer workloads to Azure.

“As enterprises shift from data centers to the cloud, security and efficiency are the keys to success,” said Tom Patterson, Chief Trust Officer at Unisys. “Unisys is pleased to add interoperability with Azure to our Stealth offerings, giving enterprises unparalleled security, greater controls, and lower costs with increased operational efficiency when working with Azure.”

Tom Patterson is the Chief Trust Officer at Unisys

Tom Patterson is the Chief Trust Officer at Unisys

Stealth software provides additional protection to data and applications on the Azure cloud platform using encryption and identity-driven micro-segmentation techniques. This new approach to security allows enterprises to quickly and easily divide physical networks into thousands of logical micro segments. Even if adversaries infiltrate one micro-segment, they would not be able to move across to other parts of the enterprise environment. In addition, enterprises that want to dynamically extend their on-premises infrastructure to Azure can use the XDC (extended data center) capability of Stealth that automates the shifting of secure workloads from their data centers directly into Azure.

By providing additional security features, Stealth removes roadblocks for many organizations seeking to take advantage of the cloud as a way to remain ahead in today’s competitive business environment. Stealth allows organizations to expand protection from their data centers to the Azure cloud platform on demand, providing end-to-end data encryption from a workstation, server or virtual machine in the data center all the way to a virtual machine (VM) in Azure. Stealth-protected Azure VMs are undetectable to unauthorized users.

“We are committed to supporting a comprehensive, cross-company approach to security in everything we do,” said Ann Johnson, Vice President of Worldwide Enterprise Security Group at Microsoft. “Adding Stealth on top of the strong security already built into Azure helps give enterprises the flexibility and assurance to operate in our cloud.”

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