Visa Teams Up with YellowPepper for Digital Payments in Latin America and the Caribbean

Visa has teamed up with Miami-based fintech company YellowPepper to better facilitate digital payments in Latin American and the Caribbean.

YellowPepper, which operates in nine countries in the region, plans to connect its payment platform with Visa APIs to help clients make mobile payments, transfer funds, and secure customer data, according to the companies. The goal is to ensure that these services will be available regardless of whether the customer is using a phone, tablet, wearable, phone, appliance, or other device.

Visa says that it will also lean on the Florida firm to help design the user experience and deliver project management services. Additionally, YellowPepper is in the process of becoming a certified Visa token service provider, which will allow it to “access to Visa’s broad network of tools and services,” said Visa in a statement

Allen Cueli, senior director of product solutions and new payment enablers for Visa LAC, says that the credit card giant believes that it is key to work together with emerging fintechs that have already shown an ability to meet the needs of today’s customers in Latin America.

“YellowPepper has the skill set and existing footprint in the region to help us accelerate time to market for our clients and penetrate new use cases and segments,” said Cueli.

Photo credit: DeclanTM



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